About Julie Herold, by Julie Herold

I work towards one goal: 

To improve the teamwork between horses and riders.

Therefore I have made this website and this opportunity. So I can inspire you. Teach you. Help you.

So who am I? As you can see on the picture above I am generally a very happy and optimistic horse-lover. Probably just like you. Horses are a big part of my life and have been since I was 6 years old when my father believed that small girls should do horseriding. And right from the start I clung to it - sometimes more succesfully than at other times. Actually, in my first ever riding lesson l sort of failed at clinging on and continued straight on while the horse turned the corner. But that didn't stop me and I am still here today. With more horses in my life than ever before and with more happiness than ever before (one could think there is a connection?). With more knowledge than I had ever dreamed of achieving and still with so many holes to fill and so much energy to learn even more about these amazing creatures.

I am a Centered Riding Instructor, Blue Berry Hill Riding Instructor, a human physiotherapist and a yoga instructor. And I have made an important choice for myself - to do what I like best. And that is helping you and your horse. Therefore I combine everything I know and have learned - in shool and when I didn't really feel for going to school - into a wide palette of practical applications that have helped myself and my horsy students to greater happiness no matter the discipline. And I hope that you will join me on my journey and let me show you how to improve the teamwork between you and your horse.

Outside of my horsy bubble (and sometimes forced into my horsy bubble) I also have a great husband who supports my wildest dreams. We are most often situated in Denmark but love travelling, climbing, snowboarding, nature, boardgames and a good movie. And sometimes I also get to see other living beings besides my horses and my husband. What a treat, haha.

Meet My Horses


My first ever horse. She is an Icelandic mare from 2007 and she is a (good) challenge to ride and gives amazing experiences. We started out with a quite confusing relationship, and after I acknowledged that I needed help and started learning all kinds of stuff we are developing a stronger and stronger bond and she is finding more and more courage and charisma - some of which would be easier to live without, haha.


The most gentle horse I have ever met. My best friend, Vinur, an Icelandic gelding from 2007 as well, and with a love for humans. He is so friendly and loves to be around people that we have actually had to train walking past humans without having to stop and talk! He has improved, buuuut.... Well, that is his charm and super-power along with having quite a bit of power and willingness to work!


My lovely young Danish Warmblood mare from 2014. She is after Churchill with De Noir as DS. She is still growing and learning at a steady pace (when she is not recovering from an injury of some sorts due to being young, uncoordinated and ambitious hierarky-wise). Hopefully she will one day become my dressage horse and fullfill all my dreams of floating around the arena, working together as one being on thought alone.